Igrometro di Precisione FISCHER 111.01

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Igrometro di precisione a capello 111.01 Serie PRAZIS con cassa cromata.

Range operativo da -35°C a +65°C
Diametro fuori tutto: 103 mm
Diametro Quadrante: 100 mm
Range di misurazione: da 0 a 100% di umidità relativa
Accuratezza: ±3% di umidità relativa
Risoluzione: 1% di umidità relativa

Fischer Hair-Hygrometer 111.01

Dependent on its temperature the air is able to absorb and to store a certain amount of vapour. We call the vapour which is existing in the atmosphere humidity of air. Humidity of air belongs to the most important meteorological elements for weather effects.

Hair hygrometers are specially used for outdoor measurements or in places where it is very humid. The specially treated human hair of the

Fischer Hair-hygrometer 111.01 is temperature insensitive  temperature range -35 °C to +65 °C) and reacts quickly to any change of humidity.