Gps Gnss Kolida K3/K98
Gps Gnss Kolida K3/K98

Gnss Kolida K3

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Gnss Kolida K3, 181 canali, vince la dimensione, "più piccolo" e compatto, integrando tecnologia avanzata, prestazioni di misurazione superiori in un unico strumento, risparmiando tempo e fatica e guidando la tendenza.

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Inizia ora, inizia la tua "piccola" rivoluzione RTK e vivi un'esperienza estrema, compatta, potente e flessibile. - Nuovo Gnss Kolida K3 con Scheda Novatel 7500 da 181 canali, aggiornamento a moduli 4G più veloci e compatibili. Supporto per batteria per lavorare per un'intera giornata.

Super piattaforma Linux, per ottenere una svolta nella funzionalità: integrazione del ricetrasmettitore radio integrato, restrizioni di distanza di rottura; alimentazione a doppia batteria, autonomia prolungata della batteria; smart storage, 4G Netcom, voce intelligente, gestione della rete e una serie di funzioni, fanno penetrare l'intelligenza in ogni dettaglio della mappatura

820 grams

The lightest in the class


     181 Channels

All Constellation Signal Tracking

14 hours Continuous work



Built-in Receiving Radio


Make It Small to - Minimize Fatigue

The diameter of the K3 is only 13cm, height only 8.53cm, and the weight is only 820g. It is as small as an apple that you can even put it into your pocket.


Make It Small to - Minimize Fatigue

The diameter of the K3 is only 13cm, height only 8.53cm, and the weight is only 820g. It is as small as an apple that you can even put it into your pocket.


496 channels - Enhanced BEIDOU.

K3 is equipped with a high performance 496 channels GNSS board which is capable to support multiple satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO, including the latest Beidou-3 system.


High Technology Integration


GNSS antenna, Bluetooth, wifi module are integrated into one board, which helps to save the internal space of K3, making the signal better and performance more stable.

all weather

Fully-sealed Rugged & Durable


K3 is able to withstand 2 meters pole drop onto the cement ground naturally and fully protected against blowing dust.

4 hours quick charge is enough to enable K3 a 14 hours of using time.


New Case - Easy to Carry

The dimension of the new carrying case of K3 is only 37cm x 30.5cm x 16.9 cm,

with instrument inside it weights only 4.9kg. The case is made of wear-resistant materials.


Practical Functions

See what others can't. K3 employs Linux system, it helps surveyors to accomplish their missions easier, faster and more accurate by delivering exceptional quality and innovative features. 

(at the moment, K3 doesn't support Tilt Survey and SMS Remote Control function.)



New app.   New Productivity

Windows CE data controller is too old technology? 

No problem. Simply download SurvX App on your smart phone or tablet.

Enjoy the smooth operation of Android platform !



Post-processing Sw.   Free of Charge

KOLIDA GEO Office integrates 

static data processing & Kinematic data adjustment


Satellite Tracking Ability


Channels 496

ConstellationGPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, SBAS MSS L-BandPreserved
Positioning Output Rate1Hz-50Hz Initialization Time<10s








Positioning Precision


UHF RTKHorizontal ±8mm + 1 ppmVertical      ±15mm + 1ppm

Network RTKHorizontal ±8mm + 0.5ppmVertical      ±15mm+0.5ppm RTXHorizontal ±2cmVertical      ±5cm 
Static and Fast Static

Horizontal ±2.5mm + 0.5ppmVertical      ±5mm + 0.5ppm


RTK Initialization Time







User Interaction


Operation SystemLinux

Web UIYes
Voice Guide


Data Storage

8GB internal; up to 32GB external.






Working Capability


RadioBuilt-in receiving

Tilt Survey
Electronic BubbleYes

>14 hours (static mode), 10to 14 hours (rover mode)


OTG Function (Field Download)


Other Function  Mobile Reference Station (wifi)